She "Shore" Can Clean -      A "shore" break from cleaning
About Me
I started my cleaning business in 2005 after both my of children went off to college.  I have always enjoyed cleaning, but cleaning my house was not enough.  So I decided to start a business doing what I love to do and She "Shore" Can Clean was born!
I admit that I have "OCD", "Obsessive Cleaning Disorder", but that is an advantage for you.  I clean my clients homes the way I clean my home.  Your home becomes my home!
I am not like most cleaning companies, who have a team of "unknown" people cleaning your home. 
I do ALL the cleaning, I am the person who shows up at your door to clean.
I also make all natural cleaning products used to clean your home.  I use essential oils such as grapefruit, lime, orange etc., so your home will have a clean natural smell too!  All cleaning products are children and pet friendly.
What do I love most about cleaning?  I love knowing that my clients will come home to a house that has been cleaned with lots of love and care. 
Make sure you check out the "Before and After pictures" while you visit my site.
Have a "clean" day!
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